This is where your vehicle is transported inside of a truck which has sides and a roof. Most car transporters are open to the elements.

Car Transport Quoter can meet pretty much all transportation requirements, and that includes covered or enclosed transport. We have a growing number of specialist transport companies who are members of our network, and many who offer single or multi-car enclosed transportation.

Covered or enclosed transporters come in various shapes, sizes and specifications. Some transport companies use a dedicated trailer such as a Brian James Shuttle or a 7.5 tonne transporter which can carry a single, heavy car whereas as an articulated car transport can carry 6 or 7 vehicles at once.

Some operators use curtain sided vehicles. This aids loading by allowing side access whereas hard sided bodies only offer rear entry. The advantages of fully enclosed car transporters means that cars are not visible and are protected from road dirt and grime. Enclosed transporters are ideal for prototype or demonstrator vehicles and concept or pre-launch cars are often moved in enclosed car transporters.

Other common uses of covered vehicle transporters are for track days, new product launches or photo shoots, VIP car deliveries, road shows or motor shows.