You can call us to request a quote for car delivery service from Holland. 

Through our network of quality transport companies, we can offer our customers collection and delivery of their vehicle/s for all Dutch cities. Your car can be collected anywhere in the UK and delivered to anywhere in Holland, including Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Amsterdam and The Hague.

For European movements, CTQ can provide huge savings on the cost of transporting your car to or from Holland. This is because we have a much higher chance of matching your requirement with a transport company already in the country, or with an existing booking they have in place - meaning they only have to make a couple of detours to deliver your vehicle. This can ultimately mean savings of up to 50%.

You can send us your requirement using our Instant Quote Form.

Please note: Urgent/inflexible deliveries are more expensive to fulfill. Being as flexible as possible will save you money.
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