There are a few things you should know about CTQ - these are the things that make us better than everyone else:

  • We only move vehicles - it's all we do, every day

  • We have been successfully moving vehicles for 11+ years

  • We have the largest and best network of trusted transport companies in the UK - FACT

  • The technology network moves over 4000 vehicles every year

  • All of our suppliers are fully insured

  • Real people run Car Transport Quoter from our base in Oxfordshire

  • Unlike other websites, our suppliers have to meet a strict set of criteria before they can get onto the techology platform work for us

At Car Transport Quoter, we are committed to improving service levels and reducing the cost and inefficiencies found within the UK car transportation industry.

Very simply, vehicle transportation is a logistics puzzle. Every minute of the day there are many car transporters running empty on our roads and many customers looking to move a car. This presents us with a unique challenge of matching empty transporters with vehicles that need to be moved. Achieving this goal ensures that both parties benefit through cost savings and efficiencies, and it also lowers the carbon footprint of the transportation company, helping the environment.

We achieve our goals by using technology to match up the demand and supply. Car Transport Quoter has joined the Car Delivery Network which connects customers and suppliers through world-class web and handheld technology. The Car Delivery Network, a UK based company builds automotive logistics software designed to simplify the car transport industry and solve the above challenge. Operating in UK, US, Canada, Mexico and China, Car Delivery Network cloud software reduces costs for everyone involved, improves service levels and reduces the impact on our environment.